We are Smart Packaging Technology

We are from Smart Packaging Technology Company of Sri Lanka. Any kind of packaging machines and materials import from China. We are providing processing and packing machineries, packaging Materials, and spare parts for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. We are the one of leading Machinery and materials importer in Sri Lanka in our trade.

New Products

Continuous Band Sealer

Date coding machine

Ribbon printer machine

Semi automatic filling machine

ROPP capping machine

Shrink sealing machine

Ink jet printer

Vaccum packing machine

Providing any kind of packing machines & materials
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Top Videos

Semi Automatic Double Head Liquids Filling Machine

Yoghurt Filling And Sealing Machine

Hp 1000p Automatic Powder Packaging Machine With Zs P3 Automatic Powder Loader

Semi Automatic Beer Beverage Cans Seamer Seaming Machine

We started this business in the year 2011. Since then, we have been able to responsibly import machinery, spare parts and raw materials required for large, small and medium scale businesses in Sri Lanka from China.