FRB 770-1 Band Sealer Machine (Digital)

The FRB 7701 Series Continuous Band Sealers are industrial-grade machines designed for light-duty applications. They will seal bags made with thermoplastic materials including laminations, PE and BOPP. These versatile machines offer several adjustments which allow them to be used for a wide range of applications.

Typical products being packaged with these units include Aggregates, Coffee, Chemicals, Spices, Soaps, Sauces, Snacks, Cookies, Chocolates, Cereals, Dyes, Grains, Pet Food, Pastas, Pastries, Flours, Parts, Tortillas, Vegetables, etc.


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  1. Seals any Term sealable Material, Including PE, PP and Laminates
  2. Dual Orientation
  3. Simple to Use - Minimum Operator Training
  4. Rugged Powder Coated All-Metal Construction
  5. Fast Warm-Up Time
  6. Power            :650 W
  7. Seal Width .35 Inches (9mm)
  8. Speed:  0  16 mt/min  (0  52.5 ft./min)
  9. Conveyor Height (from center of sealing belt) 150 to 270mm (6 inches to 10.6 inches)
  10. Sealing Method - Constant Heat
  11. One pair of Bronze Sealing Bars
  12. Teflon®-Type Belts
  13. Motorized Rubber Conveyor with Speed Control
  14. Knurled Pressure Rolls with Variable Pressure Adjustment
  15. Temperature Control: 0 - 300°C (572°F)


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